SMS gateway

Navixy offers integration with your own SMS gateway to enable the platform's full range of features. This includes automatic device activation, SMS notifications about important events for users, configuring GPS trackers that only accept commands over SMS channel, and location request when the tracker is not connected to the server over IP protocol.

Types of SMS gateways

SMS gateways can be categorized into three types:

  1. Popular global service providers
    Navixy is integrated with several popular global service providers through their APIs, including: TwilioVonage (formerly Nexmo), Textlocal. These service providers offer worldwide coverage, though some may have a stronger presence in certain regions to provide better connectivity and pricing. When selecting a messaging provider, we recommend considering these providers first.
  2. Services/devices working over standard SMPP protocol
    Navixy can work with any service or device that uses SMPP protocol. SMPP is widely used by different SMS services worldwide, and if your preferred service supports SMPP v3.4, Navixy can integrate with it.
  3. Hardware VoIP devices
    Navixy also supports hardware VoIP devices such as Yeastar (formerly Neogate) devices, specifically the TG series. These devices can be used to send and receive SMS messages. This option is not recommended, but can be used with smaller instances.

Recommendation on using SMS gateways for communicating with IoT devices

Our general recommendation is to purchase a dedicated phone number as the "Sender ID" for sending commands and receiving device responses. This is preferable to using a shared number as it can help ensure successful message delivery and command execution.

Please keep in mind that certain IoT devices may require special symbols or binary commands in their SMS commands. To ensure successful execution of commands, it is important to confirm that your SMS gateway supports these symbols and message types. If not, commands may be altered during transmission and not properly executed.

Some known issues:

  • Teltonika and Ruptela devices start with two space symbols, which are used to delimit the device login and password (empty by default). Some SMS services may ignore these symbols as insignificant, which can cause issues with automatic activation. If you use trackers from these manufacturers, we recommend checking with your SMS service's support team to ensure that they don't remove these space characters from the beginning of messages.
  • Some global MVNOs provide SIM cards for IoT devices without a phone number assigned to them. Instead, these SIM cards are identified by their ICCID or some other number that identifies the SIM card within the network. As a result, communication with devices that use these SIM cards must be performed via the API provided by the MVNO.

Connecting Navixy with SMS gateways

To connect your preferred messaging gateway with Navixy, you need to provide the necessary credentials to the Navixy support team. This includes details such as the gateway name, API URL, username, password, and any other relevant parameters required by your chosen gateway provider.

Below you will find examples of required credentials for the most common choices. For any SMS gateway you also need to provide the "Sender ID", if supported.

Once you have gathered this information, you can send it to the Navixy support team at [email protected]. They will then work with you to set up the integration and ensure that everything is working smoothly.


  • IP address of the SMPP server
  • Port
  • Login (system id)
  • Password





Yeastar (ex. Neogate)

  • IP address of the device
  • Port
  • Login
  • Password
  • GSM span identifier


  • URL
  • Login
  • Password


  • Login
  • API key

Vonage (ex Nexmo)

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