Email gateway

There are many cases when your end users should receive notifications from GPS tracking service by email. The most frequent of them are listed below:

  • Notifications about user-defined events (e.g. entering geofence)
  • Scheduled reports with attached Excel / PDF files
  • Low-balance warnings
  • etc.

As a service provider you may configure which Email gateway to use and also sender address (‘From’ field).

Options for Email gateway

Basically we offer two options which can be configured by you in your Admin panel. If you use Navixy ServerMate product (hosted in our datacenters), you can choose between both of them. For Navixy Cloud and Navixy On-Premise you have to use emailing service managed by you.

  • Navixy Email gateway – a powerful mailer which offers high deliverability to user email boxes. And it’s free for all ServerMate accounts! That’s why it’s the most popular option among Navixy ServerMate customers.
  • Other  SMTP gateway – available for users of all Navixy products: ServerMate, Cloud or On-Premise. It is the common way when you choose which server will deliver your messages: your own SMTP daemon, some public mailing service (Gmail, Hotmail etc.), or transactional email service (mandrill, spark, sendgrid, mailgun, etc.).

Email sender address (‘From’)

You may choose what address will be used in the field “From” for all emails from the platform to your users. Usually this address looks like “[email protected]”, where is a domain of your GPS-traking server. However, to avoid anti-spam filters from blocking your messages, your sender domain must be verified through SPF and DKIM records in your DNS.

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