Domain and Google Maps

To have a legal and full access to Google Maps services (maps, Street View, Premium Directions, Premium geocoding, Distance Matrix) under your own domain name you need to have a license.

To get it you may choose one of two alternative options:

• Subscribe for Navixy “Premium GIS” package (recommended)

• Get “Asset tracking” license from Google

Subscribing to Navixy Premium GIS

Please contact your manager to upgrade to Navixy Premium GIS Package. This package includes legal Google Maps services as well as other GIS-services form Navixy.

Note: inform your manager about changing your domain name to be able to use Googe Maps without any delay.

Get “Asset Tracking” license form Google

If you have “Asset tracking” license from Google, provide our team with the necessary information to be able to use maps and API with Navixy.

On “Get a key” webpage you should create a key and send it to Navixy technical support with the information about your domain name.

Note: If you change the domain name you have to get the key once again and provide Navixy Team with this information.

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