Partner possibilities

In the "Resellers" tab the partner can see general information about the reseller, such as name, status, reseller creation date, number of registered and active devices and users

The partner has a possbility to go to the reseller's admin panel without authorization by going to the "Access admin panel" tab in the reseller's information.

Partner possibilities

The partner can change the reseller status in the "Edit reseller" menu. The reseller can have one of the following statuses:

  • Not paid - automatically assigned status for newly created reseller. The resseler profile is not activated and access to the reseller's admin panel is limited. If one of the resellers has the status "Not paid", the possibility of creating a new reseller is suspended until the payment is completed. This status is changed by Navixy manager after the successful payment of the invoice.
  • Active - reseller profile is activated, reseller functionality not limited.
  • Admin panel suspended - in case of violation of the cooperation condition, the partner has the possibility to restrict the reseller's access to their admin panel. User interface is not suspended.
  • Service fully suspended - both admin panel and user interface are suspended for the reseller.

The partner can install SMS gateway for the reseller. To do this they should contact Navixy technical support.

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