Activation codes

What are the activation codes?

Activation codes are 10-digits random numbers which are required when user adds a new asset – tracking device or mobile app. In other words, the codes look like 5423598721 and every code is unique.

To enable activation codes contact the support team

Why do I need them?

There are two good reasons why you'll find activation codes very useful:

  1. Keep everything under your control. Activation codes restrict your users to activate GPS hardware they bought not from you, but somewhere else. If selling the hardware is essential part of your business model, you will hardly like that your users buy GPS trackers from your competitors and then connect it to your tracking platform. By bundling the hardware with activation codes, you can be sure that all devices connected to your platform are sold by you only. On the other hand, if you don't care much about this, you can provide the activation codes for free – for all users who require them.
  2. Assign right tariff plan. You can define which tariff plan should be assigned to a GPS tracker with an activation code bundled to it. Furthermore, you can gift some funds to user balance or provide some first days for free trial. When user activates a new device, the appropriate tariff plan (and, probably, amount of free days for trial period) will be automatically assigned to that tracker. Afterwards users may change their tariff plan (if you allow them to do this).

Are the activation codes FREE of charge?

Yes, the activation codes are absolutely FREE of charge for you, even you are allowed to sell codes to your end users.

How many activation codes can I get?

You can get as many codes as you want any time.

Though we can not probably provide you a million codes at once (and it does not seem you really require so many), for there is one more thing behind: we need to balance the loading on our cloud infrastructure. Contact the support team to get additional codes.

Can I reuse an activation code?

Each code is unique and once it's been activated (used to add some device/mobile app), it will change its status to "activated" and won't be valid anymore.

Even you, as admin, remove that device completely from the system, bundled activation code won't be affected. But no worries – just get another code from your list!

Where can I find my activation codes?

You will find the list of all activation codes in the "Activation codes" section of the Admin Panel. You can search within the codes, filter them by status, change their preferences (just for one or for the selection), check the date of activation and who has used it, etc.

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