Custom application

You can add your own application to the user interface. It will appear as an additional tab in the "Applications" menu.
In order for the app to work within the platform, it needs to support iframe feature.
If you don't have an iframe option, the app can be added as a separate link, in which case a new browser tab will open when you click on it.

Note: If you are using an HTTPS connection, the link to the application must also be HTTPS. Otherwise, you will encounter a mixed content error.

Custom application

How to add an application

Contact Navixy technical support and specify the following parameters:

  • Application name
  • External URL link

Our specialists will do everything necessary and the application will be available in the user interface. The application can be installed for all users or for a specific one.
Some apps have been developed by our partners and are available in Marketplace. To add them, contact the developer of the application.

Authorization in the application

When you open an application through the Navixy interface, a user session hash is sent to the URL of the application by GET method. This hash can be used for authorization within the application.


By default, the web server sends the following cookies when an external application link is opened:

  • user session hash
  • locale

If you do not want the server to send cookies, inform technical support and this function will be disabled.

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