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X-Keeper Invis Duos

X-Keeper Invis Duos is a portable GPS/GLONASS tracker, specifically designed to help in cases of car theft or evacuation. It's small size allow to hide it in the car so the thief won't find it. Support of two sim-cards allows it to work more reliably by using two cell operators, and long battery life (up to 3,5 years of stand-by) makes it perfect for the task.

Location and tracking

  • GPS/GLONASS support
  • Interval tracking mode
  • LBS support

Mobile networks

  • Standard quad-band
  • No 3G support

Power supply

  • Build-in battery allows for 3,5 years of working in stand-by mode

Special features

Since this tracker is designed to help in cases of car theft, it have special features to help with this task, such as:

  • Working with two sim-cards simultaneously. Connectivity gaps of one cell operator will be compensated by another cell operator
  • Special SOS-command that can be send to the device, which will result in device sending frequent location messages for 3 hours
  • Can work in temperatures from -40 to +90 C, which allows the device to be used in any climate.
  • Protection from GSM scanning devices. Since the tracker is in sleep mode most of the time and wakes up only for a short time daily to report the location, it makes it invisible for the scanners.

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