TOPFLYTECH was founded in 2012 IoT company with the clear objective of delivering relevant and reliable products and solution to improve the living and working conditions of people.It undertook this challenge by solving sophisticated concepts and ideas with the combined talents of a team of talented professionals in telecommunication, electronics and web-based industry.

TopFlyTech GPS trackers are good with the quality. These GPS units are designed for any kind of vehicle or personal control.


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Server connection details

Supported features

Server Integration
Server IP Address217.23.132.215
Server port47744
General information
InstallationNot required
Special form factorOBDII Dongle
Weight60 g (2.12 oz.)
Size63x47x26.5 mm (2.48x1.85x1.04 in)
GNSS Location
Internal antenna (GNSS)
External antenna (GNSS)
Cellular network typeGSM Quad Band
Internal antenna (Connection)
External antenna (Connection)
Cellular network generation2G
ACC/Ignition input
Feature already supported
Discrete inputs
Feature already supported
Hardware features
Battery capacity280 mAh
Built-in battery
Emergency button
Detach sensor
Feature already supported
Non-volatile memory
Hardware extras
Fuel level sensor reading
Driver ID reading
Fuel temperature sensor reading
Engine block special control
Feature already supported
Tracking features
Tracking modesContinuous
Smart power consumption
ECO driving
Events monitoring
Battery low
Feature already supported
External power cut off
Feature already supported
Device switched on/off
Feature already supported
Feature already supported
Feature already supported
Self monitoring
GNSS signal level
Feature already supported
GNSS satellites fixed
Feature can be supported upon request
External power source voltage
CAN/OBDII reading
CAN/OBDII reader type
Check engine light
DTC codes reading
Remote management
Server connection setup over SMS
Feature already supported
Remote device configurationYes (over GPRS)
Feature already supported
Message exchange formatBINARY
Firmware update OTA
Forced LBS location update over GPRS
Forced GNSS location update over SMS

How to connect to Navixy server

TopFlyTech T8603 is tightly integrated with this software platform.

Activation process

Automatic activation (recommended)

The software platform supports automatic device activation by applying APN settings, server address and port, as well as recommended tracking mode though the SMS channel. Normally you don’t need to configure anything manually. Just install the SIM card, switch the device ON and make sure it is located in the place with good GPS signal reception.

When you activate a device, the following SMS commands are sent from server to device:

SMS command from
Server to Device
SMS reply from
Device to Server
APN,0000, <apn_name>,<apn_login>,<apn_pass># <IMEI>,SET APN OK,APN:<apn_name>,<apn_login>,<apn_pass># Set up APN name, login and password
IP,0000,,47744# <IMEI>,SET IP OK,IP:,47744# Set up server address and port


Some parameters will depend on your cellular network operator or your tracker:

  • <apn_name> – APN name
  • <apn_login> – APN login
  • <apn_pass> – APN password
  • <IMEI> – Device IMEI (15-digit number, can be found on the device itself)


As soon as these commands are executed the GPS tracker will connect to the server, and the rest of configuration process will be done via GPRS channel.

Important notice:

  • Do not set any password on the device (by default: “0000”)
  • Do not set any manager numbers prior to the device activation
  • Do not set the Time zone, it must be UTC+0h as per default
  • Do not set any pin-code to your SIM card

Manual configuration

If you experience issues with the SMS delivery from the platform to device in your country, you can setup device manually by sending the above list of commands from your mobile phone.

Default settings

Tracking mode

By default tracking by every 60 sec and 100m with 10 degrees turning is set. However, you can change tracking mode remotely in “Device” section.


USA: +1 858 815 9045

Mexico: +52 334 1642158

UK: +44 808 1641499

Germany: +49 1573 5988250

Russia: +7 495 223 0427

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