Starcom Systems is a leading global company, specializing in advanced automated real-time systems for remote tracking and management of vehicles, containers, assets and people.


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Server connection details

Supported features

Server Integration
Server IP Address217.23.132.215
Server port47705
General information
Weight625 g (22.05 oz.)
Size200x110x50 mm (7.87x4.33x1.97 in)
GNSS Location
Internal antenna (GNSS)
Cellular network typeGSM Quad Band
Internal antenna (Connection)
Cellular network generation2G
Number of outputs1
Number of inputs (all types)1
Discrete inputs
Feature already supported
Feature already supported
Hardware features
Battery capacity700 mAh
Built-in battery
Emergency button
Feature already supported
Internal temperature sensor
Feature already supported
Tracking features
Tracking modesInterval
Feature already supported
Events monitoring
Battery low
Feature already supported
Car crash
Feature already supported
Self monitoring
GNSS signal level
Feature already supported
Internal battery level
Feature already supported

How to connect to Navixy server

Configuring the Starcom Watchlock with the help of “Installer” software

Installer software is supplied by your hardware provider. To configure the device, please follow these steps:

  • Install the Installer software on your PC
  • Install the connection cable drivers for Watchlock device, you can find it in this link
  • Connect the Watchlock device to a PC via cable, and run the Installer software
  • In the new window, press Technical > Watchlock Parameters , to access the unit parameters, or right click on the taskbar at the top of the Installer application window and press Customize. Select Watchlock Parameters and drag/drop it into the taskbar.

watchlock install


You will see the Watchlock Parameters window. Please, configure the following parameters:

  • Watchlock Unit number (6 digits, you can find it on the device, or on it’s box)
  • In the “Network” tab, fill in the APN, APN login and APN password for your SIM-card. The APN settings are provided by your cellular operator with the SIM card you are using in the unit.
  • Server settings, on which you have Routing Software: IP-address and port number; For navixy system they will be: IP, Port 47705

watchlock install 2

Then, please go to the Transmission Rates tab, and set the interval of GPS update (GPS peek) and the interval of regular tracking transmissions, which defines how often the unit will transmit its status (Transmission).

watchlock install 3

You can set the additional options on the “Hardware” tab. For example, you can turn on A-GPS usage.

watchlock install 4

Once all the necessary parameters are set, press the “Send” button to send the changes you made to the unit.

Saving configuration

If you are planning to configure other units with the same parameters, you can save these settings as a *.mem file. Click the “Save” button in the Watchlock Parameters window, select the location where you want the configuration file to be saved on your computer, name the file and press “Save”.

Configuring new unit with saved configuration

To configure a new unit with the saved parameters, click the “Load” button in the Watchlock Parameters window, browse to the location where you saved the configuration file, select the file and press “Open”. Click the “Select All” button to select all the parameters and press the “Send” button to send the changes to the unit.


USA: +1 858 815 9045

Mexico: +52 334 1642158

UK: +44 808 1641499

Germany: +49 1573 5988250

Russia: +7 495 223 0427

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