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Suntech ST4505DO

The ST4505DO vehicle tracker is a solution for basic fleet management. It offers plug and play automatic installation, and provides Suntech customers with basic information about positioning, speed, etc. It supports 4G LTE Cat-M1/NB-IoT with backup 2G. The ST4505DO is affordable tracking solution that connects to the OBD II diagnostic port, commonly near the driver's lap or under the steering wheel. Device also has a jamming detection feature that is very helpful in preventing car theft.

Suntech ST4915

The Suntech ST4915 asset tracker is a telemetry device specifically designed for managing fixed and mobile assets without a local power source. It seamlessly integrates with LTE-M and NB2-IoT networks and boasts features such as a 3-axis accelerometer, extended battery life, and weather-resistant cabinet. With real-time asset information and a range of functions, this tracker empowers users to effectively monitor and manage their assets anytime, anywhere.

Boson Phoenix

Currently GPS devices are not only focused on providing location data to users of these services, today it is increasingly relevant to obtain telemetry data such as fuel level and its behavior, that is why modern manufacturers have been given the task of developing such devices and sensors capable of connecting to the vehicle and the fuel tank to provide fleet managers with real-time data with a deep analysis of the data collected in vehicles. Among these manufacturers is Boson TI that offers three models of GPS trackers for this purpose in the Phoenix series with LTE connectivity CAT M1, CAT 1, CAT 4 with 3G and 2G support in conjunction with Alertfuel Plus wand sensors. Get ready to explore in detail all its features and discover how this range of equipment can help you solve your needs.

Queclink GV310LAU

Queclink GV310LAU is a vehicle GPS tracker that is integrated with Navixy. It is the LTE Cat 4 version of the popular GV300 and is suitable for heavy truck and car management applications. It offers flexibility and can be used in a wide range of scenarios thanks to its pre-integrated accessories, which include CAN data capture and RS232 data acquisition. The device also features built-in BLE, which enables connectivity with various wireless accessories such as BLE beacons and temperature monitoring sensors.

Queclink GV58LAU

The Queclink GV58LAU vehicle tracker is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance fleet management with its robust features and advanced technology. Here's a rundown of its key aspects:

  • LTE Cat 4 Telematics Device: This tracker utilizes the most cost-effective LTE Cat 4 technology, making it an ideal tool for diverse fleet management applications including general fleet tracking.

  • Multiple Network Compatibility: The GV58LAU supports multiple network bands including 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE, ensuring seamless connectivity and real-time tracking.

  • Advanced Features: It comes equipped with a Blackbox for data logging, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for short-range communications, and GLONASS support for additional navigation accuracy.

  • Compact Design: Despite being an upgrade from the previous model, GV55W, the GV58LAU maintains a compact size, making it suitable for various uses.

The GV58LAU is FCC-certified, confirming that it meets all the technical prerequisites and safety standards set by the Federal Communications Commission.


Meitrack T399

The Meitrack T399 Series is the company's premier GNSS vehicle tracker that incorporates wireless Bluetooth technology. It is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled temperature and humidity sensors, as well as Bluetooth beacons. The series offers three distinct versions to support WCDMA, LTE Cat M1/NB2, and LTE Cat 1 networks, respectively. This device also includes a driving behavior analysis feature to promote safe journeys. With an IP67 water resistance rating and high-temperature resistance, the T399 Series is designed to function effectively in challenging conditions.

Meitrack T711L

The Meitrack T711L 4G Mini BLE Vehicle Tracking Device is a GPS tracker designed for various vehicles like cars, motorcycles, yachts, and boats. With an IP67 water resistance rating and built-in GPS and GSM antennas, it functions efficiently even in the most challenging conditions. This cost-effective device offers a wide range of features, including support for multiple Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors and beacons simultaneously. Additionally, it can monitor driver behaviors such as fatigue, idling, harsh acceleration/braking, sharp turns, and collisions.

Meitrack TA255

The Meitrack TA255 series is specifically crafted for asset tracking purposes. These devices boast a powerful battery (up to 22400 mAh), supplemented by solar panels and high-capacity batteries to guarantee long-lasting battery life. Enhanced positioning is achieved through the WiFi positioning feature. Additionally, these trackers can monitor temperature and humidity using Bluetooth connectivity. For easy installation, industrial magnets can be utilized to effortlessly attach the devices to flat metal surfaces. Furthermore, the Meitrack TA255 series supports automatic firmware and configuration updates for seamless operation.

Jimi VL802

The VL802, a cutting-edge 4G GPS tracker by Jimi IoT, is engineered to oversee industrial and commercial fleets, including passenger cars, trucks, and buses. Its two-way communication feature enables fleet managers to enhance driver management tactics. The device ensures reliable connectivity through LTE communication with GSM (2G) fallback, while its array of event-triggered alerts allows real-time fleet monitoring. Equipped with an RS485 interface and multiple I/Os for peripherals, the VL802 can be tailored to optimize operations and increase efficiency. The discreet built-in microphone enables remote audio surveillance of the surroundings, and the vehicle immobilization feature allows cutting off the power source or fuel supply using an installed relay. Moreover, the device offers quick and user-friendly configuration via an app for iOS and Android platforms.

Jimi EG02

Bid farewell to conventional electric scooter keys and welcome the efficient anti-theft EG02. As compact as a lighter, the EG02 GPS tracker boasts a plug & play design and supports GPS & LBS real-time tracking. With the app, you can effortlessly lock and unlock your e-scooter from a distance. If any unauthorized movement is detected, an audio alarm will be activated. The wide working voltage range of 9-90V allows the EG02 to be compatible with various e-scooter models in the market. This device's extensive operating voltage capacity makes it suitable for a vast array of vehicles, such as industrial equipment, scooters, golf carts, and more. Moreover, the optimized battery protection safeguards vehicle batteries from depletion or damage.

Jimi HVT001

The HVT001 is a covert car GPS tracker ingeniously incorporated into a USB charger resembling a cigarette lighter. This easy-to-use tracker can be swiftly installed in almost any vehicle, offering real-time GPS tracking, audio surveillance of the surrounding area, and additional features. Perfect for both fleet management and personal use, this discreet and inconspicuous device is equipped with a barely noticeable microphone that captures and reports ambient sounds. The HVT001 also includes two USB charging ports for other gadgets, such as smartphones.

Jimi PG201

The PG201 is a smart personal tracking device, specifically designed for managing on-site personnel in various fields, including sanitation workers and field staff. This lightweight and compact device also serves as a portable terminal and facilitates two-way communication. Moreover, the PG201's multiple positioning systems ensure quick and precise positioning capabilities.


Jimi JM-LG01

The Jimi IoT JM-LG01 asset tracker offers a comprehensive solution for tracking, monitoring, and optimizing your non-powered assets. Boasting a battery life of up to three years, this device can be attached to virtually any item you wish to track. Featuring both GPS and LBS Positioning, the JM-LG01 utilizes multiple positioning systems to ensure accurate location data is displayed on the cloud platform. Stay informed with the Tamper Alert feature, which sends a notification when the light sensor detects the device has been removed. Powered by a 2,800mAh Disposable Battery, the JM-LG01 benefits from special processing that ensures an extended battery life. Adaptable to your needs, the JM-LG01 offers Multiple Working Modes that can be configured according to your specific requirements. Installation is a breeze with the Strong Magnetic Mount, allowing the JM-LG01 to securely and easily attach to most metal surfaces with minimal effort.


Jimi LG300

The LG300 is a versatile 2G wireless tracker engineered for various industrial and commercial uses, including rental companies, fleet administration, freight transport, and beyond. Equipped with multiple positioning systems and a high-capacity battery, this tracker is perfect for continuous monitoring of vehicles or cargo. Additionally, the LG300 allows remote asset supervision through SMS or network connections. Users can customize working modes based on their specific requirements, and they will receive notifications when the device's battery power drops below 20%. Furthermore, on-demand audio recording can be enabled.

Jimi VL512

The VL512 is a specialized 4G OBDII tracker tailored for vehicular use. Boasting a compact design and an OBD port, this device easily fits into practically any passenger car, making it perfect for managing fleets. Its LTE communication with GSM (2G) fallback guarantees a strong connection in nearly every situation, while the GPS+BDS positioning system delivers enhanced accuracy for tracking your fleet's location and status. The VL512 enables you to monitor the exact whereabouts, direction, and speed of each vehicle, and sends alerts when any of the four types of hazardous driving behaviors are detected. Additionally, the discreet built-in microphone allows remote monitoring and recording of ambient sounds surrounding the device.

Jimi JM-VL103M

The Jimi IoT VL103M multifunctional vehicle tracker may be small, but it's loaded with numerous capabilities, making it an effective GPS tracking solution for diverse industrial and commercial fleet applications – from rental services and public transit to cargo transportation and more. This device also includes an external buzzer/horn alarm, enhancing the security of your fleet by allowing you to easily locate your car if you can't find it. Moreover, the VL103M offers remote listen-in and a collection of event-triggered alerts, making it an indispensable component of your fleet management approach.
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