Zenda VT-1

Zenda-VT1 is a GPS vehicle tracker, used for private vehicle anti-theft, official vehicle anti-theft, and personal tracking management. The tracker supports smart-voice commands for arming/disarming settings, device status query, and location query for a long time.

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Package contents

Zenda VT-1 package contains the following device/accessories:

  • Device with a built-in battery
  • Power/IO Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Installation guide

Product features:

  • GPS + GSM dual-module tracking
  • Real-time location query
  • Track by time interval
  • Track by distance
  • Track by mobile phone
  • Speeding alarm
  • Direction change alarm
  • Geo-fence
  • SOS alarm
  • GPS antenna cut-off alarm
  • External power cut-off alarm
  • GPS blind spot alarm
  • Remote engine cut-off alarm
  • Engine or vehicle door status alarm
  • Towing alarm
  • Arming or disarming
  • SMS/GPRS (TCP/UDP) communication (ZENDA protocol)
  • Built-in 1 MB buffer for storing 5,000 GPRS cache and 128 SMS cache
  • Mileage report
  • Low battery alarm
  • Smart sleep mode
  • Smart voice setting

Location and tracking

Zenda VT-1 is embedded with GPS. It does not support A-GPS, or GLONASS technology.

As the back-up, when no satellites signals are available, it uses Cell ID location (also known as LBS-tracking).

Mobile networks

Zenda VT-1 has a Quad-band GSM 2G module that allows to operate it all over the world.

Power supply

External power supply might be 11-36V, which makes possible to use Zenda VT-1 with all car models.

Sleep mode

Zenda VT-1 features the Smart Sleep mode

The smart sleep function works in conjunction with the following.

Scenario 1: When the ACC detection line has not been used.

With no interruption for consecutive 15 minutes, the tracker enters smart sleep mode. In this way, the GPS module stops work, and the tracker stops uploading data. Heartbeat reports about GPS invalid will be sent to the platform every 60 minutes (the default interval can be changed). If vibration occurs, the tracker will awake and continue to operate and report data at the specific interval. Heartbeat reports will be also resumed.

Scenario 2: When the ACC detection line has been connected.

If the ACC is on, the tracker will operate normally and report data at the specific interval.
If ACC is off, without any vibration, the tracker immediately enters smart sleep mode (as same as Scenario 1); Heartbeat reports about GPS invalid will be sent to the platform every 60 minutes (the default interval can be changed). If vibration occurs or the engine starts, the tracker will awake and continue to operate and report data at the specific interval.


  • When the tracker is being charged with a USB cable, it will operate normally, but will not enter smart sleep mode.
  • Under smart sleep, the tracker has low power consumption. The tracker with built-in battery can sustain up to about 50 hours.

Local and remote management

Zenda VT-1 can be fully controlled over GPRS. There is also a wide list of SMS commands in a human-friendly format, on which device always replies back. It supports remote APN settings configuration by SMS.

LED Indication

Zenda VT-1 model has three LEDs:

  • Power LED — indicates power status
  • GPS LED — indicates GPS signal
  • GSM LED — indicates GSMS signal


The manufacturer also offers original accessories, such as:

  • Buzzer
  • GPS Antenna
  • Audio cable + Microphone

Подключение к серверу

Сервер (
Сервер (
Порт сервера47752

Общая информация



Вес65 g (2.29 oz.)
Размер70.5x54x19.5 mm (2.78x2.13x0.77 in)

Локация по GPS

Встроенная антенна (GPS)Да
Внешняя антенна (GPS)Опционально


Тип сотовой сетиGSM Quad Band
Внутренняя антенна (GSM)Да
Поколение сотовой сети2G


Количество выходов2
Количество входов (всех типов)4
Вход под зажиганиеДа
Дискретные входыДа
Аналоговые входыДа

Аппаратные функции

Объем батареи350 mAh
Встроенная батареяДа

Доп. инфо по оборудованию

Кнопка SOSДа

Функции отслеживания

Режим трекингаНепрерывный
Геолокация по LBSДа
Умный расход энергииДа

Отслеживание событий

Низкий уровень заряда батареиДа
Отключение внешнего питанияДа
Отключение антенныДа
Открытие лотка SIM-картыДа


Уровень сигнала сот. сетиДа
Уровень GPS сигналаДа
Напряжение внешнего питанияДа
Уровень встроенной батареиДа

Удалённое управление

Настройка подключения к серверу по SMSДа
Удалённая конфигурация устройстваДа (по GPRS), Да
Удалённое управление выходамиДа (по GPRS), Да



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