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SkyPatrol предлагает GPS-трекеры для управления автопарком, которые используют как сотовые сети GSM и CDMA, так и спутниковую сеть Iridium. Эти преимущества и ориентация на рынки Северной и Южной Америки делают трекеры SkyPatrol очень популярными в регионе.

Базирующаяся в Майами (штат Флорида), компания имеет дочерние компании в нескольких странах, включая США, Канаду и Пуэрто-Рико.

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SkyPatrol ST7200

The popular ST7200 GPS tracking device has been credited with recovering hundreds of powersport vehicles including motorcycles, ATV’s, personal watercraft, snowmobiles and UTV’s. Purposefully designed for powersports, the ST7200 has low power consumption so it preserves the vehicle’s battery and has an internal backup battery. This water and vibration resistant GPS operates on the widely adopted 2nd generation digital network.

SkyPatrol TT8740

SkyPatrol TT8740 is a GPS tracker, which allows you to monitor your vehicles. 3 Digital inputs are useful in vehicle parameters monitoring, such as ignition, fuel and temperature. With the help of digital output you can switch off vehicle engine manually. Also SkyPatrol TT8740 supports external GSM/GPS antennas, it means that there is a possibility to connect external GSM/GPS antennas you want.
SkyPatrol SP8502

SkyPatrol SP8502

The Skypatrol SP8502 Personal GPS is ideally sized for portability, concealability and durability and is perfect for tracking field personnel, seniors and children. In business, the SP8502 can be used to monitor and measure employee movement, but also provides an added level of security with the user activated alert button.
SkyPatrol TT8750+

SkyPatrol TT8750+

Skypatrol TT8750+ is a high-quality GPS tracking device housed in a splash proof enclosure with internal GSM/GPS integrated antennas and external SMA connector for an optional external GPS antenna. It includes an RS232 Serial Port to support companion accessories like the fuel sensor or temperature sensor. The TT8750+ also has Skypatrol’s efficient EDDIE+ protocol capable of reducing data requirements by as much as 40%. An I/O expansion option is available that can provide up to 9 Inputs and 5 Outputs making the TT8750+ an ideal option for robust fleet management applications.
SkyPatrol TT8750

SkyPatrol TT8750

The SkyPatrol TT8750 is an innovative certified dual & quad-band tracker that is optimized for today’s increasing demand for vehicle recovery, fuel efficient fleet operations, driver and vehicle profiling and interactive communications. Providing complete GSM/GPRS communications TT8750 helps you track and monitor vehicles from the family car to the largest fleet of commercial vehicles.
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