Queclink GL300

Queclink GL300 is a portable GPS tracker designed for tracking people and assets. This compact device has waterproof casing and emergency button. Thanks to modern chipset with A-GPS support from ublox it has good performance and long battery life. Optional accessories like textile or plastic magnet box expand its application areas, e.g. for pet, asset or even vehicle tracking.

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Queclink GL300 is a compact and durable GPS tracker which can be used for variety purposes, but mainly as a personal locator, for cargo tracking and car tracking when it is put inside the cabin. Waterproof casing and optional large battery kit extends the range of possible applications even further.

Location technologies

GL300 supports Assisted GPS and GLONASS, as well as GSM cell-ID based positioning. Thanks to modern chip from u-blox it acquires the position quite fast and accurate even in urban conditions. For A-GPS needs the following addresses in the Internet must be accessible from the device: and

Device supports continuous and interval tracking modes. Together with sleeping mode they can be configured in the most flexible ways.

Emergency button

In the middle of the front panel you can see the emergency button. It’s thumb-size and easy to find without looking into it, nevertheless you’ll hardly push it occasionally. To confirm the SOS signal is sent the GPS tracker vibrates when the button pressed.

Battery life

Queclink GL300 tracker is remarkable for its battery life. According to our field tests it runs in continuous mode at least 14 hours (in normal conditions with active moving), while in interval tracking mode it can report about its position for up to one week.

The Li-pol rechargeable battery has capacity of 1300 mAh. The battery can’t be removed, what makes sense for anti-sabotage in the employees tracking applications. To charge the battery you can use included AC/DC adaptor (or any other similar adaptor with standard micro-USB plug), while car adapter is optional.

But it’s not only about the battery capacity that puts GL300 among the trackers with the longest working time. This device is embedded with 3-axes accelerometer which is used for switching device to sleep mode (and harsh driving behavior detection). Together with smart firmware algorithm and flexible tracking mode settings it works just as you expect. The status of the device user can control with LEDs on the front panel.

Mobile networks

Like its predecessor GL200 it works in GSM Quad-band mobile networks. Similar model GV300VC is designed for CDMA standard widely used in the North America.

Local and remote management

GL300 tracker is fully controlled over GPRS. There is also a wide list of SMS commands in a human-friendly format, on which device always replies back.

You can also configure it from a PC, but you will require a special serial cable, which is not always included into a standard package (depends on the local vendor). The software is designed for professional users and has average usability.


There are a number of original accessories available, while the most popular probably are:

  • Serial cable for device programming
  • Sheath made of textile
  • Large battery kit with waterproof casing
  • Plastic box with strong magnet mounting
  • Car power adaptor (cigarette lighter plug)

What Queclink GL300 can’t do

Unlike many personal GPS trackers GL300 doesn’t have MIC or voice communication features. Some people consider this as a disadvantage, others believe it is necessary for real water resistance design. Besides, in many countries remote listening is still an outlaw.

While GL200 had the additional interface connection and could be used to control, for example ACC/Ignition status of a car, there is nothing like in GL300. The manufacturer decided to position new device as a pure portable device.

Подключение к серверу

Сервер (
Сервер (
Порт сервера47764
Интегрировано08/10/2013, 10/8/2013

Общая информация

НазначениеДля грузов, Для животных, Персональный, Автомобильный


Вес60 g (2.12 oz.)
Размер68.5x38.5x23.5 mm (2.7x1.52x0.93 in)
Класс защиты от водыIP5X
Магнитное креплениеОпционально

Локация по GPS

Встроенная антенна (GPS)Да


Тип сотовой сетиgsm-quad-band
Внутренняя антенна (GSM)Да
Внешняя антенна (GSM)Нет
Поколение сотовой сети2G


Количество входов (всех типов)2
Дискретные входыДа

Аппаратные функции

Объем батареи1300 mAh
Встроенная батареяДа

Отслеживание событий

Изменение входаДа
Отключение внешнего питанияДа
Устройство вкл/выклДа
Глушение мобильного сигналаДа


Уровень GPS сигналаДа
Количество GPS спутниковДа

Удалённое управление

Настройка подключения к серверу по SMSДа
Удалённая конфигурация устройстваДа (по GPRS), Да
Принудительный запрос LBS локации по GPRSДа
Принудительный запрос локации через SMSДа
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