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Established in 2016, Zenda GPS is an innovative tracking solutions provider, which offers a complete understanding of GPS tracking solutions. Product designing, prototyping, integrating and testing is maintained at a high standard in order to ensure that Zenda’s products are integrated in a smooth and timely manner for your business.

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Zenda VT-2

Zenda VT-2

Zenda VT-2 is a vehicle GPS tracker that features compact size, stable performance, precise positioning, and IP66 water resistance rating. It can be installed into taxies, freight cars, buses, private cars, and official cars for real-time tracking and vehicle management.
Zenda VT-1

Zenda VT-1

Zenda-VT1 is a GPS vehicle tracker, used for private vehicle anti-theft, official vehicle anti-theft, and personal tracking management. The tracker supports smart-voice commands for arming/disarming settings, device status query, and location query for a long time.
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