Xirgo XT4750C

Xirgo XT4750C series is a self contained CDMA modem with integrated GPS engine and antenna, cellular and PCS antenna, optional motion detector, optional accelerometer and 6600 mAh internal rechargeable battery. With multiple input and output ports along with proven embedded application, XT4750C is an ideal solution for monitoring and control of high value remote assets where input power availability is of concern.

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Location and tracking

Xirgo XT4750C is embedded with GPS and doesn’t have support of GLONASS and alternative systems. It either doesn’t support Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology.

XT4750C has been designed with the latest GPS technology allowing GPS tracking under extreme conditions where most other competing products fail. The weatherproof case (meets IEC 68-2-27 environmental standard and is IP65 certified) allows Xirgo XT4750C to be used in a myriad of applications such as container, trailer and motorcycle tracking

Mobile networks

With the support of CDMA, and dual band 800/1900, Xirgo 2150C is the ideal choice to use with CDMA networks


Xirgo XT4750C has following features:

  •  LED status indicators for GPS, Network registration
  •  Over-the-air configuration and firmware upgrade
  •  Supports TCP, FTP and UDP
  •  Integrated GPS receiver and antenna for tracking applications
  •  Supports SMS connectivity
  •  Internal 6600 mA rechargeable battery for applications requiring longer battery life

Power supply

External power supply might be 6-24V, which makes possible to use Xirgo XT4750C with all car models.

Xirgo XT4750C also features a built-in rechargeable 6600 mAh battery. When fully charged it ensures about 3-4 days of device operation (in normal conditions).

With a powerful 32-bit micro- processor and unique power management algorithm, XT4750C consumes less than 120 μA in sleep mode and yet capable of periodic reporting of health, status and location of remote assets.

Local and remote management

Xirgo XT4750C can be configured and managed over-the-air via GPRS channel. Also it supports Firmware-over-the-Air support.

In case you are not able to configure device over the air, manual management over SMS-commands and configuration software is also available.

Conexão do servidor

Servidor da (
Servidor dos (
Porta do servidor47716
Auto cadastroSim

Informação geral

Peso241 g (8.5 oz.)
Tamanho116.3x73.1x42.4 mm (4.58x2.88x1.67 in)
À prova d\'águaIP6X
Antena interna (GNSS)Yes
Antena interna (Conexão)Yes


Tipo de rede celularCDMA2000 800/1900
Geração de rede celular3G

Informações de localização

Nível de sinal GNSSSim


Controle remoto das saídasSim
Bateria integradaYes
Capacidade da bateria6600 mAh


Entradas digitais2
Número de saídas1
Sensor analógicoSim
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