BCE FM Tacho

BCE FM-500 Tacho is a new generation fleet management device, equipped with a rich pack of interfaces, full range of CAN-bus data, remote tachograph data download and a wide variety of available accessories makes this device a powerful tool for satisfying the needs of the most demanding customer in fleet management field.

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Location and tracking

  • Continuous tracking mode
  • LBS

Mobile networks

Standard quad-band GSM, no 3G support.

Power supply

Internal 700 mAh battery. Acceptable voltage 8 – 36 V

Device features protection from impulses up to 120 V

Consumption at 12 V: active – < 50 mA, sleep – < 8mA

Inputs and outputs

  • 1-wire interface
  • 4x digital inputs (frequency, impulse counter, ON/OFF modes)
  • 2x analogue inputs
  • 3x digital outputs

Digital and analog inputs of the device together with 1-Wire interface may be used to connect different external sensors/devices. Outputs of the device may be used to control external equipment remotely. Flexible configuration allows users/dealers to adjust the device to meet their specific requirements.

Conexão do servidor

Servidor da (
Servidor dos (
Porta do servidor47727
Auto cadastroSim

Informação geral

Peso62 g (2.19 oz.)


Nível do sinalSim
ID do operadorSim

Informações de localização

Nível de sinal GNSSSim


Controle remoto das saídasSim
Leitura de ID do motoristaSim


Entradas digitais5
Número de saídas2
Sensor analógicoSim
Sensor de frequênciaSim
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