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Globalstar SmartOne is designed to track the positions of trailers, cargo containers, heavy construction equipment, generators, boats/barges and any other mobile assets. The SmartOne also has 2 inputs to manage run time of engines and/or other alarm inputs.

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Globalstar SmartOne processes GPS satellite signals to obtain its position in terms of longitude and latitude and transmits this information over Globalstar’s Satellite Network. In addition to position information, the SmartOne transmits other message types that include battery status, input alarm status and diagnostic information. The SmartOne is configured using a computer and USB configuration cable to communicate these messages at certain times and/or under certain conditions.


The SmartOne has an I/O port that provides ground, two dry contact inputs, power and soft-power down inputs. The SmartOne allows sending Input Status Changed Messages for both Input 1 and Input 2. The Inputs must be asserted for at least 5 seconds in order to be acknowledged.

Usage Example: A construction company needs to document, per their contract, when they begin their work day and when they end their work day. Based on this requirement, the SmartOne would be connected to the ignition switch and configured to send a transmission with location when the input changes state.

Globalstar SmartOne also allows the user to define the Message Interval while the Inputs are in an Undesired State, either Opened or Closed.

Usage Example: A company has remote containers at job sites and would like to know if a door is ajar. If a door is left ajar the company would like a notification every 2 hours. Based on this requirement, the SmartOne would be connected to an open door sensor with the Undesired Input State Message enabled and set as Opened with a Message Interval of 2 hours.

Note: The SmartOne uses a 5 minute “hysteresis” window to prevent sending false alarms. This means that only one status change message can be sent during any 5 minute time window. Any subsequent status changes will be detected but not reported. Multiple status changes during any 5 minute window will result in the transmission of incorrect trigger bits.

Globalstar SmartOne has the ability to send an Accumulate/Count Message at a regular configurable interval and/or based on configurable multiples of accumulated hours and/or number of counted events or hours of vibration.

Usage Example 1: A construction company needs weekly engine run times for their heavy equipment to manage their maintenance scheduling. Based on this requirement, the company would schedule a weekly Accumulate/Count Message.

Usage Example 2: A construction company wants to insure that no equipment is ever operated beyond 400 hours without maintenance. Based on this requirement, the company would schedule an Accumulate/Count Message for every 400 hours of use.

Globalstar SmartOne has the ability to send both Status Change and Undesired State messages based on vibration.


The SmartOne comes ready to use with a factory configuration loaded in the device. The factory configuration, Standard Messaging without Motion and Interval Messaging of 12 hours, may be changed using the SmartOne Configuration Software, the USB Configuration Cable and a PC.

Power supply

Globalstar SmartOne is powered by, and comes with, four installed 1.5v Lithium AAA batteries.

Satellite Communication

The SmartOne communicates with both the GPS satellite network and the Globalstar Satellite Network. All GPS locations are pulled from the GPS network and all transmissions are sent via the Globalstar Satellite Network. The SmartOne has the unique ability to check its GPS coordinates at a programmable rate while it is inside of the Change of Location Area without actually sending a message over the Globalstar Satellite Network.

For a Location Message, the SmartOne will wake up at a scheduled interval or time of day and begin to acquire a GPS fix. Once it receives its GPS fix, the SmartOne will transmit its location to the Globalstar Satellite Network.

Server connection

EU (
US (
Server port47763

General information

Weight385 g (13.58 oz.)




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