SkyPatrol TT8750+

Skypatrol TT8750+ is a high-quality GPS tracking device housed in a splash proof enclosure with internal GSM/GPS integrated antennas and external SMA connector for an optional external GPS antenna. It includes an RS232 Serial Port to support companion accessories like the fuel sensor or temperature sensor. The TT8750+ also has Skypatrol’s efficient EDDIE+ protocol capable of reducing data requirements by as much as 40%. An I/O expansion option is available that can provide up to 9 Inputs and 5 Outputs making the TT8750+ an ideal option for robust fleet management applications.

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Location and tracking

SkyPatrol TT8750+ is embedded with GPS and doesn’t have support of GLONASS and alternative systems. It either doesn’t support Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology.

Mobile networks

With Quad-band GSM module SkyPatrol TT8750+ can be operated all over the world.

Power supply

External power supply might be 8-32V, which makes possible to install SkyPatrol TT8750+ both on cars and vans.

Device also features a built-in rechargeable 250 mAh backup battery. When fully charged it ensures about two hours of device operation (in normal conditions).

The battery features:

  • No memory effect
  • Reliable service life
  • Long-lasting performance
  • No leakage and no explosion

Local and remote management

SkyPatrol TT8750+ device can be configured and managed over-the-air.

In case you are not able to configure device over the air, manual management over SMS-commands and configuration software is also available.


SkyPatrol TT8750+ offers following features:

  • Small in Size and Highly Concealable
  • Ultra Sensitive (-162dBI) with powerful embedded antenna array
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Motion Sensor & Backup Battery
  • Quad-Band GSM/GPRS Modem
  • Durable, high quality, splash proof housing
  • Integrated Internal Antennas (GPS & GSM)
  • SMA connector for optional external GPS antenna
  • Embedded Skypatrol EDDIE+ Protocol
  • Multiple I/Os for Dynamic Telematic Applications

LED Indication

SkyPatrol TT8750+ has three LEDs on its front panel:

  • Power LED – indicates power to the GPS module
  • Registration LED display (GSM) –  shows GSM/GPRS status.
  • GPS fix LED display –  shows GPS fix status.

Conexión del servidor

Servidor de la (
Servidor de (
Puerto de servidor47708
Auto registro

Información general

Peso130 g (4.59 oz.)


Nivel de señal
ID del operador

Información de ubicación

Nivel de señal GNSS


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Entradas digitales4
Número de salidas3
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