Howen Technologies Hero-ME34-08

Howen MDVR products are integrated with the latest modules and technologies in one. These MDVRs are capable to connect up to 12 channels of vehicle cameras and intelligently execute complex analytic tasks to achieve functions like DMS and ADAS. Thanks to the reliable designs and years of models improvement, the Howen MDVR solution can be applied to different vehicle industries: logistics, oil and gas, taxi, bus, police car, and so on.

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Location and tracking

  • GPS
  • Continuous tracking mode

Mobile networks

  • 3G / 4G
  • Wi-Fi

Power supply

  • External power supply 8V ~ 36V

Other features

  • Support 8CH AHD 1080P+1CH 1080P IPC;
  • Support 8CH AHD 1080P+4CH 1080P IPC (With PON switch)
  • Industry-leading CPU with powerful processing abilities with H.265 and AI technologies;
  • Support NAND flash (max. 4GB) to extend internal storage;
  • Supports HDD/SSD for recording. Max. 2TB and 256GB for SD storage;
  • Dual antennas for cellular or Wi-Fi;
  • Robust design: Cast aluminum enclosure. Patented design
  • Selected industrial power chipsets, support 8-36V wide range power input, adapt to the harsh environment;
  • 1 pc SD cards for backup recording, max.256GB;
  • Dual streams for local recording and wireless transmissions;
  • Support 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, GPS modules;
  • Built-in G-sensor for harsh acceleration/deceleration detection;
  • Data self-protection, save data when shut down abnormally;
  • Operating temperature -40℃…75℃
  • IP protection IP54

Designed for Vehicle
All the Features from antivibration structure to wide input voltage are designed for the vehicle environment.

AI Chipset
Industry-leading AI CPU with powerful processing ability, integration with DMS and ADAS.

Night Vision
By utilizing starlight CMOS image sensor and WDR, it provides improved night vision in low light.

H.265 Video coding
Smoother streaming video and better quality, save up to 40% of data and storage.

Face Recognition
Integrating with the latest technology to identify the drivers, and make it easier for fleet management.

Real-time detecting the vehicle’s surroundings and transforming road conditions into alarms.

Encrypted video
Cybersecurity standard encrypted for recordings, and AES encrypted data transmissions.

Real-time monitoring and reminding the bad driving behaviors affecting the safety of drivers.

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