GlobalmatiX xTCU

The 4G / LTE CAN Telematics Gateway xTCU® of Globalmatix captures position, inertia driving behavior, geofencing and advanced OEM in-vehicle diagnostics data in raw CAN, standardized, event-driven and / or smart analytical values, ready for instant use by the applications of Telematics Solution Providers. The xTCU® is always securely connected, anywhere and anytime, and  comes with an integrated, flat mobile data plan. It is available for the majority of commercial fleet vehicles.

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Physical Specification

  • Dimension: L 5.74, W 1.95, H 0.75 in
  • Weight: 0.2lb
  • Material: Polycarbonate UL-94 V0
  • Protection: IP30 sealed


  • Mounting: Wall-mounting, adhesive or tie-wrap
  • Installation: Under dashboard
  • Easy install: By OBD-cable on OBD to 12-pin Molex
  • Tamper-safe: By 12-wire cable behind OBD connector to 12-pin Molex

Location and tracking

  • Coverage: GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou
  • Channels: 72, concurrent GNSS: 3
  • Navigation: -167 dBm sensitivity
  • TTFF: hot 1s, cold 26s
  • Multi-GNSS: yes, AssistNow
  • Pre-configured: GPS event of 25º angle change, 120 sec time, current speed x 4
  • Antenna: internal, ceramic, high gain

Mobile networks

  • LTE Module: CAT-1, 10 Mbit/sec (downlink), 5 Mbit/sec (uplink), fallback 3G/2G
  • LTE Quad-Band: 2, 4, 5, 12 (700/850/1700/2100/1900 MHz)
  • 3G Triple-Band: UMTS/HSPA+ Triple-Band 2, 4, 5 (850/1700/2100/1900 MHz)
  • 2G Dual-Band: GSM Dual-Band 850 / 1900 MHz, GPRS Class-12
  • Embedded SIM: MMF2 SIM applet, release 8 LTE
  • Approvals: CE, R&TTE, GCF, FCC, PTCRB, UC, UL
  • Antenna: internal, penta-band, high gain

IoT Transport Protocol

  • Interconnection Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol (ISO/IEC 20922) toconnect platforms for data exchange

Electrical Specification

  • Operation: 12 VDC or 24 VDC (7-32 VDC)
  • Full: 500 mA at 12 V
  • 4G/standby/sleep: 120/50/4 mA at 12 V

Product Certifications

  • America: FCC, PTCRB, CE
  • Europe: E-Mark, CE, RED
  • 4G / LTE: 3GPP compliance
  • Embedded SIM: ETSI 102671

Automotive Specifications

  • CAN (ISO 11898 and SAE J1939)
  • K-Line(ISO 14230)
  • TP 2.0 (SAE J2819)
  • ISO TP (ISO 15765)
  • CARB (ISO 9141-2)
  • OBD (ISO 15031, SAE J1979)
  • KWP 2000 (ISO 14230)
  • UDS (ISO 14299)
  • OBD Connector (SAE J1962)


  • CAN module: High-speed CAN transceiver, ISO 11898 and SAE J1939
  • CAN Speed: Up to 500 kBit/sec, auto-sensing
  • Protection: Automotive fault protected, fail-safe
  • CAN transceiver: 2, configurable, for diagnostics and/or CAN frames

Diagnostic Communication

  • Networks: CAN, K-Line
  • Protocols: OBD, UDS, VW TP 2.0, ISO TP, KWP 2000


  • NFC module: 13.56 MHz, 64 kB EEPROM
  • Indicator: LED, buzzer
  • Antenna: Internal, high gain

Integración de Servidor

Servidor de la (
Servidor de la (
Puerto de servidor1883

Información general



Peso91 g (3.21 oz.)
Tamaño145x49x19 mm (5.71x1.93x0.75 in)

Localización GNSS

Antena interna (GNSS)


Tipo de la red del celularCAT-1
Antena interna (Conexión)
Generación de red celular3G, 4G, 2G

Características de rastreo

Modos de rastreoContinuo
ECO driving

Monitoreo de eventos

Poca batería
Corte de alimentación externa
Accidente de tráfico


Nivel de señal
Nivel de señal GNSS
Voltaje de alimentación externa
Nivel de batería interna

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GlobalmatiX xTCU

GlobalmatiX xTCU

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