Cellocator Container Lock

The Cellocator Container Lock is an electronic robust solution based on the CelloTrack Power, offering an agile tracking and cargo monitoring for containers with almost instant installation and removal, eliminating the need to open the container and interfering with logistics operations such as authority inspections, transport, loading and unloading. It provides information on where the goods are at any given point, if there are any bottlenecks along the way and most importantly if the container doors are being opened, thanks to the advanced tampering reporting capabilities of the CelloTrack Container Lock.

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Location and tracking

  • Continuous tracking mode

Mobile networks

  • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • 2G / 3G Network

Power supply

  • 2-13 Ah build-in battery
  • 9-32V DC external power supply

Inputs and outputs

  • 2 Discrete inputs
  • 1 Digital output
  • RS232

Other features

  • IP67
  • LED indication

Server connection

EU (
US (

General information

Weight490 g (17.28 oz.)
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