What’s new: January, 16th report

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Daniel Nesh, CEO & Co-founder

Finally the longest Seasons holidays have finished and all our team are back to work! The first working week of 2015 has been marked with numerous improvements and bug fixes.

Here come the most important ones:

  • Fixed bug for false fuel drains and refuellings in some rare cases. Actually, we have made much more – thoroughly improved the smoothing filter for all fuel data.
  • Track viewing improved: tracks look much better now and always fit the visible screen space
  • Fuel level graph zoom has been improve, fixed a couple of minor bugs
  • Device activation tool optimized for faster loading – too many devices there already!
  • Added more hints for new tools for better customer experience

We would like to thank all who reported about the bugs and suggested those improvements (and you always can do this by sending a message to [email protected]).

P.S.: Our pre-release tests of the brand new Android NAVIXY Viewer app are close to its finish. It’s coming quite soon!

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