The world’s leading LBS-source Combain integrated with Navixy


LBS perfectly supplement GPS technology making it possible to track and locate assets even in case GPS signal is low or lost. To guarantee good performance of such services (i.e. wide coverage and high accuracy) a tracking platform should be able to operate with various Cell ID databases.…

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Using GSM signals (LBS) for acquiring location

Daniel Nesh, CEO & Co-founder

GSM cell based location is a technology commonly used to determine object’s position. Sometimes you can also hear the term “LBS” (Location Based Services), although this term is much wider and not always related to GSM-based positioning only. Unlike using satellite navigation (GPS, GLONASS and similar systems) acquiring position with GSM signals only is less accurate. So…

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Defining location with GSM base stations signals (LBS)

Daniel Nesh, CEO & Co-founder

GPS is great for asset tracking because it gives precise location. However, when GPS signal can not be fixed (i.e. in the subway or underground parking), this method does not work anymore. However, you can still define the location roughly – with GSM signals.…

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