Queclink GB100 — a new GPS tracker for insurance telematics that reconstructs traffic accidents

Timofey Temlyakov

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the device and pay a special attention to the tracker unique feature — traffic accident data collection and transmission. Besides, we’ll provide a first-hand experience from Navixy and Queclink’s common partner concerning the GB100 installation and, of course, we attached the photos. At the end of…

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ATrack AL11 — 4G telematics device to benefit 2G denying World

Timofey Temlyakov

ATrack has struck developed countries and the World telematics market with its high-end multifunctional LTE newbie. We have recently integrated ATrack AL11 and it already waits in line among our customers to bring an efficient fleet management solution with wide-reaching applications. Let’s have a quick look at it — what features it has and what…

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Eco Driving. Brand new Navixy function

Timofey Temlyakov

This week, we have released a new function – creative and intelligent Eco Driving. The indispensable solution for fleet management and vehicles smart control in general. Now, tracking your vehicles, you can evaluate the driver behavior according to different factors like speeding, harsh driving and idling. The new application will make your business more productive…

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