Add your own apps to Navixy

Timofey Temlyakov

Navixy has provided an opportunity to expand the system functionality independently. Now, feel free to answer your customers confidently: “Yes, you can write your own apps for the system!”…

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4 ways to use Navixy with other software


Navixy GPS tracking system provides simple, but very efficient ways to integrate with your or third-party software. We can single out 4 main ways of integration: Built-in plugins for apps Application Programming Interface (API) Data forwarding Import from CSV / Excel files…

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November Highlights


Every month we add new functionality and features to enable our partners all over the world to cope with business challenges they constantly face. Business environment changes too fast and we keep pace to guarantee and secure our partners competitiveness and efficiency.…

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The world’s leading LBS-source Combain integrated with Navixy


LBS perfectly supplement GPS technology making it possible to track and locate assets even in case GPS signal is low or lost. To guarantee good performance of such services (i.e. wide coverage and high accuracy) a tracking platform should be able to operate with various Cell ID databases.…

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Forwarding data to another server in realtime

Daniel Nesh, CEO & Co-founder

Data forwarding means transferring all data coming from GPS trackers to NAVIXY Server to another server (or servers) in real time. Commonly this data is used in some other specific software applications (i.e. Street traffic monitoring) or corporate IT systems (ERP, Logistics management, CRM, etc).…

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