Route Planning: opportunities and choices

Planning an optimal route between two or more destinations is a daily routine that has many implicit peculiarities. Depending on the geographical location and task users may need a particular route planner. Therefore, Navixy allows its users to select the appropriate route planning service, which fits their needs better.

By July 2015 Navixy has been integrated with several major route planning services the most popular of which are:

  • OpenStreetMap Routing
  • Google Maps Driving Directions
  • Yandex Route Planer
  • Progorod / CD-COM
  • 2GIS Route search

Routers have extra settings and variable options such as traffic, travel mode, etc. The default router may be selected in the user account preferences.

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Numerous examples can prove advantages and benefits of this tool. It would be adequate to list just some of them: workflow management (arrival forecast, distance estimation, etc.), employees task scheduling, route deviation control and many others.

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