Monitor and protect with personal GPS trackers

Have you ever been unable to reach someone? Whether it’s an employee in the field or a person with memory loss, reliable communication is a must to ensure safety and provide assistance when needed.

Personal GPS trackers and other location-sharing devices deliver highly accurate, real-time coordinates, instant communication, and safety alerts to keep people informed of a given individual’s whereabouts and condition. For example, if a miner falls down a shaft and is injured, he may have no way of letting others know and getting help without such a device.

Navixy supports a variety of personal GPS trackers from brands like Teltonika, Queclink, and others, so you can easily use our mobile resource management system to stay in touch with dispersed or lone workers. After learning about our solutions, call or email a representative to hear more or schedule a demo.

What are personal GPS trackers?

For some, the idea of being constantly tracked might sound like an invasion of privacy. However, in certain cases, knowing exactly where someone is at all times is vital for their well-being. As an example, parents and caregivers often use GPS trackers to keep track of children and senior citizens, respectively, when they’re on their own. However, these devices can be used to track all sorts of individuals, as listed below:

  • Isolated workers
  • Social workers
  • Consultants
  • Security guards
  • Real-estate agents
  • Children
  • Elderly individuals
  • People with memory impairment
  • People with cognitive impairment

As you can see, children and seniors aren’t the only ones who might need monitoring. Some professionals, like those in social work and mining, need to be in dangerous areas or often operate alone. This means that if they’re lost, injured, or otherwise incapacitated, getting them help might be difficult or impossible. By combining highly accurate GPS tracking with emergency communication and intelligent alerts, personal GPS trackers help companies safeguard exposed workers from harm.

Teltonika GH5200 personal GPS tracker
Teltonika GH5200

Key functions in Navixy

So, how do these small, personal GPS trackers protect vulnerable individuals? Along with accurate GPS positioning, location-sharing devices may also come equipped with functions from the list below. If you’re looking for a specific feature or attribute, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

  • Real-time GPS updates
  • Emergency/SOS button
  • Voice communication
  • Fall detection
  • Movement alerts
  • Geofence alerts
  • Power on/off detection

Additionally, Navixy currently supports these personal GPS trackers:

With the help of Navixy, fleets, mining operations, security companies, and other industries can all take advantage of these features and more. Along with instant alerts, we offer numerous reports to view trends, Zapier integration for connecting different apps, and a user-friendly interface. Thanks to our reporting function, for example, you can find out how often employees in the field need assistance over a given period of time. Not to mention, partners can take advantage of automatic device activation to get devices online instantly.

Since the aforementioned alerts are all emergency notifications, they’ll be easily visible within Navixy with their bright orange color and audio reminders. That way there’s no doubt that when something goes wrong, you’ll know.

Emergency alert in Navixy

Common uses of personal trackers

There are numerous examples that prove the effectiveness of GPS trackers for people. Below are several success stories from customers using the Teltonika GH5200 and TMT250.

Social workers and other advocates often visit dangerous areas as part of their profession. When performing a wellness check on a child in a low-income neighborhood, for example, social workers may choose the Teltonika GH5200 Worker Badge to stay in touch with a call center. If the individual feels unsafe or threatened, they can press a button on the device to get help. That way, people feel more supported when traveling to unsafe places in the line of work.

Recently, the GH5200 was for social distancing. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies needed employees to maintain a certain amount of personal space when working to prevent the spread of germs. By wearing the device and setting a distance alert, people would be warned with an audible alert if they got too close to a colleague. As a result, businesses were able to get back to work without putting employees at risk.

In addition to the GH5200, there’s also the Teltonika TMT250. Also known as the Mini TrackerEASY, this device uses Bluetooth beacons to track employees inside buildings where GPS signals may be blocked. In addition, it provides fall detection and no-movement alerts to let managers know if an employee might be injured or incapacitated. This is essential in manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, and other hazardous workplaces.

By providing live tracking and instant alerts for people, personal GPS trackers offer peace of mind to supervisors, foremen, fleet managers, and other concerned parties. If you’d like to experience Navixy for yourself, be sure to start a free trial or contact us for additional details about our white-label fleet management solutions.

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