We are pleased to announce our newest mobile application for Apple devices. It allows to track its owner, particularly, employees and kids, using GPS in their devices. Like if they were carrying a personal GPS tracker.

Of course the obvious advantage of using iPhone or iPad for  tracking purposes is the person you track does’t need to carry another special device. Smartphone or tablet is doing same thing pretty well for it embeds GPS and GSM/WiFi.

That’s why in addition to our proven NAVIXY Android Tracker, we have released the new application for devices based on iOS, the second most popular mobile platform in the world.

Since the application is highly demanded by business users, we paid special attention to its corporate features. One of them is the possibility to add custom buttons. Just for example, if a manager wants to stay in control of how given tasks are performed by his employees, he assigns custom buttons, like “Order is delivered”, “On duty”, “Waiting for orders” and so on.

NAVIXY iOS Tracker main features:

  • Working well in the background mode
  • Configurable tracking modes, including interval and continuous
  • Smart battery power consumption and GPRS traffic reducing
  • SOS alarm button
  • User defined buttons (setup on the server side)
  • Easy-to-use interface and full statistics

You can download the app for free from App Store right now.