Features released

  • Web-applications
    • Task forms have been added – an instrument for obtaining detailed information on the task completion status.
    • Search capabilities in “Maintenance” section have been updated. Search by car is now available.
    • Group operations for remote GPS tracker setting have been added for 17 portlets. Harsh driving, sleeping mode,  OBD data acquisition and others can be applied from now to a group of trackers.
    • LBS tracked trips are now loaded to Waybill. Waybill now accumulates all the data from all fleet movements.
  • Mobile Applications
    • Improved task interface design in X-GPS Tracker application for Android and iOS.
  • Billing
    • ServerMate license extension conditions informing in Spanish has been implemented. The spanish-speaking license owners now receive the notification in mother tongue.

Devices integrated

  • Astra AT200
  • ATrack AL7
  • ATrack AL11
  • ATrack AS1
  • Bofan pt502
  • Concox GT300
  • Concox GT03C
  • Concox GV25 ( WeTrack lite)
  • Concox JV200
  • Galileosky 7 series
  • Kingneed T12
  • Queclink GV320
  • Queclink GL520
  • Teltonika FMA110
  • STAB Liner 102 (Cyber GLX M2M)
  • Xirgo XT-2460G
  • Xirgo XT-4850C

Integration improvements:

  • Teltonika FMA110
  • Galileo Sky 5.0

545 device models are supported in total