Improving costs and fleet longevity with maintenance hacks

Breakdowns can have a ripple effect on fleets. Instead of going to the client, a driver will have to get the vehicle serviced. If the repair takes a lot of time, it can cause delays, customer dissatisfaction and fines. One technical malfunction can affect a few departments. Preventive and planned maintenance helps to avoid this.

The first thing the Maintenance module boasts is smart service works planning. Assign the job for not one, but as many vehicles, as you need. Offer an auto-repeat toggle: now the information will be refreshed automatically eliminating human error. The platform reminders will provide holistic planning across the whole team to service the assets on time. How does it work? Have a look:

How much does unplanned maintenance cost for each fleet? Provide the big picture while enabling to scrutinize every entry. Don’t forget that driving fewer miles also improves fleet longevity in the long-run, so never neglect the Route Optimization. For those seeking even more ways to cut down expenses, Navixy Marketplace offers a bunch of extensions to refine vehicle health, including ADAS, tyre pressure and axle load monitoring, etc. You’re welcome to ask for more details regarding the Maintenance module on social media or at [email protected].

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