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February 2022

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Web version

  • Released video module with JC400/500. Learn all the device features and read the user manual to smoothly introduce the video module for your customers.
  • Supported all AVL IDs for Teltonika, Ruptela, BiTreck, all CalAmp accumulators: 1) All these fields are added to the AirConsole 2) AVL_ID can be chosen in Measurement sensors. Hence, you can benefit from all the information sent from the said GPS trackers — not limiting to the number of fields.
  • Added Tracking improvements: route replay functionality is released, object labels are shown on the smaller zooms than before and scaling value is added on the map.
  • Adapted the web version to be used for tracking on mobile.
  • Fixed time entry in the recurring tasks: any time can be entered now
  • Improved chat messages read time from 3 seconds to just 1 second.
  • Added Teltonika DualCam event videos and photos, even though the device is not fully supported on the platform. Approach our tech support engineers for the manual.

Developer hub

Integration improvements

  • Teltonika bluetooth EYE sensor was supported. This is an universal sensor that provides temperature, humidity, battery voltage, pitch and roll, magnetic field, movement state.

A total of 1332 devices supported.

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