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December 2022

Web version

  • Devised a new and advanced import mechanism for drivers and vehicles that is unique in its background loading feature. You no longer need to wait for the import to be completed, just close the window and go ahead using the platform. Once all the data is processed, a notification will pop up with the import result. The update will come in handy for those who work with a multitude of assets.
  • Introduced an option to unsubscribe from the mailing list of event notifications via a link in the email. In addition, from the event message, you can go straight to the platform and change the settings of the notification rules. The admin will then receive an email that the rule has been changed.

Developer hub

  • Explained how to set up receiving push notifications from the GPS tracking platform in your own mobile app.
  • Provided additional information on limits when working with API: the platform has a limit of 50 requests per user and per IP address.
  • Added information on how to use cURL examples from our documentation in the API Postman app.
  • Explained how to securely share your login and password to access the admin panel.
  • Introduced an optional parameter for API calls to re-register devices — send_register_commands. It is now possible to send registration commands even if they are disabled in the panel settings: more info here and here.

New devices integrated

A total of 1439 devices supported.

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