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December 2020

Mobile applications

Released a new version of X-GPS Tracker mobile application for Android:

  • Added the ability to attach photos and files to forms in tasks and check-ins even when the mobile device is not connected to the Internet. This will allow field workers to complete the assigned jobs from locations with poor GSM signal. The data will be fully synchronized as soon as the connection to the server is restored.

Developer hub

Major improvements:

  • Added a new tracker / raw_command / send call for sending any GPRS command to a tracker. With its help, developers will discover more opportunities for device programming.
  • Improved the search process in the task/list call with new parameters: conditions and filter. Enabled sorting by fields for the obtained results. Added a location parameter to filter the tasks performed within a specific zone.
  • Added additional parameters to facilitate the search process in the checkin/list call. The new location parameter can be used to filter the check-ins submitted in a specific zone.
  • Implemented a new hide_charts parameter for the Geofence visits and POI visits report plugins. This will allow developers to hide attendance graphs in reports, as well as make working with retrieve versions easier.

Section updates:

Updated all articles in the Commons section. In these articles, developers will find information on using API calls for sending emails from the platform, parsing files, browsing dealer information, receiving all possible types of events, changing and setting user passwords, and many more:

Integration improvements

  • Teltonika GH5200 — added a new portlet with programming buttons for calling phone numbers.
  • TopFlyTech 8808 — integrated ECO driving and Vibration detection alert rules.

New devices integrated

  • TopFlyTech TLW1-4, TLW1-8, TLW1-10
  • Jointech JT707A
  • Tracker (mobile application)

A total of 1165 devices supported.

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