Features released

  • Web-applications
    • “Tasks” app was supplemented by a tool for viewing completed forms with convenient data navigation;
    • It became possible for corporate clients to brand their service. The logo can be changed in the web interface and PDF-reports;
    • Customer delivery time forecast was added to the “Courier on the map” plugin;
    • The value range for a GPS odometer was increased to 7 digits. This allows to track the mileage for values greater than 1,000,000 km (miles);
    • Information about a vehicle identification number (VIN) was added to the OBD2 & CAN widget. The change of VIN will allow to determine in time that the OBD-tracker was installed into another car;
    • Improved tool for importing locations and geofences from Excel files. Filling in both parameters is no longer required. It is sufficient to specify the address or coordinates in the file;
    • Added the ability to regulate access to reports in the user rights settings.

Devices integrated

  • EElink GPT18
  • Lacak ES1
  • Lacak OBD X1
  • Meitrack T355V2
  • MRD 100
  • Queclink GB100
  • Queclink GT301N
  • Shenzhen Esino Technology ES-GP34

Integration improvements:

  • Laipac Lola S911 – updated protocol for firmwares 1.8 and above

563 device models are supported in total