We have created a suite of color palettes (and let bring your own) for user web interface to convey your service and reflect your corporate brand.

Navixy GPS tracking platform tends to be completely “rebranded,” or “white labeled” – by a service provider. Besides the fact that there is no any reference to Navixy, you can do the whole set of things to customise your service:

  • Service name, Logo and Domain
  • Login page design (wallpaper, welcome message, website links, bottom text)
  • Regional settings (language, currency, units, map settings, time zone, etc.)
  • Notifications (SMS / Email “from” name, signatures)
  • List of available GPS tracking devices, OEM-branded devices
  • Custom-developed applications, built into the web interface
  • Branded mobile apps, based on X-GPS Monitor and X-GPS Tracker
  • Specific external services (local maps and GIS, national SMS gateways, etc.)

Color palettes

To match the web-interface with your brand identity even more and let users recognise your label right away, we’ve added the opportunity to change the web interface themes. It can be done in flash – by selecting one of a few presets in the Admin panel. Furthermore, you can bring your own set of colours, if your order in-depth customisation package.

Selecting color palette in Admin panel

The advertisement and marketing opportunities are endless. And as a service provider, you have to make sure that your product stands out, and overshadows the competitors. Recognisable brand and aesthetic appeal is an important part, and we at Navixy are glad to support you with that.