Added support for Moralwinhk devices

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Daniel Nesh, CEO & Co-founder

New device is supported now in NAVIXY software – GPS tracker model P008 produced by Moralwinhk in Hong Kong.

Device activation in the platform
Activation based on SIM card information: phone number or ICCID +
Fully automated activation; no need to configure manually +
Automated assignment of GPRS APN settings +
Automated assignment of unique identifier x IMEI
Customized settings profile uploading x
Online remote configuration
Tracking modes +
Power saving modes x
Outputs x
Other x
Telemetry data processing and representation
External power voltage x
Backup battery level +
GNSS signal reception level +
GSM signal level +
Roaming status x
GSM operator label x
Digital (discrete) inputs status x
Analog inputs data x
Frequency inputs data x
Impulse inputs data x
Serial interfaces x
Данные 1-wire x
CAN-bus data x
Hardware events processing
Inputs change x
External power cut x
Internal battery low +
Emergency (SOS) button pressed +
Tow alert (unauthorized movement) x
GSM jumming x
Special peripheral hardware
Fuel level sensors with serial interface x
Surveillance camera x
Service and maintenance features
Connection monitoring (keep-alive) x
Firmware version control x
Remote control with GPRS / SMS terminal tool GPRS, SMS
Initial settings profile management x
Error reports processing (incoming from device) x
Processing device log data (temporarily stored in device memory) x
Queue for outbound GPRS commands sent to offline device x
Support for PIN code of the SIM card x



  • “+”: fully supported
  • “-“: supported by device, but not implemented on server side (still possible)
  • “x”: not supported by device model


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